RILLA GO RILLA_009_1178.jpg

the club to celebrate

a bubbly life

full of sunbeams

and happy colours

an all grown-up

sticky lemon collection

with wearables

in different forms

RILLA GO RILLA_002_197.jpg
RILLA GO RILLA_008_1047 1.jpg

sunbeams & happy colours

It's up to you: going for a laid-back, casual or a super chic look?
RILLA GO RILLA_003_048 1 2.jpg

The iconic sticky backpack – but with a sticky sis club twist. Made from vegan pu leather with some golden details

Pick your favourite!

RILLA GO RILLA_013_0011 2.jpg

Shining bright with our golden jewellery collection

1801830 - Sticky Sis Club - Backpack - honey gold - front.jpg
backpack | ton sur ton | honey gold
1801846 - Sticky Sis Club - Phone pouch - Brick red + sunset orange + wine red - front .jp
phone pouch | coloré | brick red
1801853 - Sticky Sis Club - Wallet - Brick red + dawn pink - front.jpg
wallet |coloré | brick red + dawn pink
174A2973b - omgekleurdkopie.jpg
RILLA GO RILLA_004_086.jpg
RILLA GO RILLA_017_0048.jpg

models: Panjua & Yên-nhi

photography: Kee&Kee

styling: Valérie Ntantu

mua: Daisy Den Herder

location: Grace Locations